Professional Care

When I speak, most of the work happens months prior. Tailoring my keynote for a conference takes a great deal of time and care. When this is reflected back, it reinforces my focus on taking care before, during and after an event. Which is all part of being a professional speaker. This morning I received a testimonial from a conference I spoke at last month.

“Our entire team and network thoroughly enjoyed John’s Keynote on ‘Creating a Strategic Mindset’ at our recent National Conference. John connected extremely well with the audience and made the often-challenging topic of strategy easy to understand and apply, at both a business and personal level. John’s level of care and professionalism in preparing for our event was also excellent.” Peter Hedge – National Accredited Dealer Manager, B&D Doors.

If you would like to learn more about what it takes to be a professional speaker, please let me know. I would love to connect you with one of my fellow speaking colleagues at Professional Speakers Australia, which is the industry peak body association that supports experts who speak in Australia.  

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Business Creativity | Brain Health

I am looking forward to speaking with a select group of Executives from AIEA in the Optus Boardroom tomorrow. The best executives are also health practitioners. As leaders, they concern themselves with the health of their business and their own health. In the current resource constrained business environment, with an ageing population, the need for good strategy, clever innovation and positive diversity has never been more pressing. With mounting levels of mental illness, EMF exposure, toxic pollution, obesity and poor eating habits, busy executives need ways to ward off dementia risk and keep their brains healthy. I will be sharing: – Why traditional group brainstorming is not particularly creative. – Powerful ways to create the future. – Key risk factors that contribute to Dementia and Alzheimer’s. – Ways to improve brain function and build a winning business.

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Speaking to Legends

In the wild old west, it was the banks that got robbed, not the other way around.
But a couple of years ago, a new Sheriff came to town. His name was Hayne, and he came to clean up the game. He sharpened the blade and went on a crusade! Hayne rounded up the bad guys. The Sheriff discovered that some of the Big Banks and Financial Institutions were rotten to the core. They had been making money left, right and mostly up the centre! And there always seemed to be plenty of money left for them, whether an investment when up or down.
As for the Financial Planners; now, their license fees are up, their learning requirements are up, their compliance reporting is up. Their admin hours are up and for some, their blood pressure is up too! As a result, some of these planners got a bit down!
Some checked out; some became coaches; some became employees, and some retired. The ones that stayed and toughed it out are coming together next week to be part of my audience at the FPA Professionals Congress in Melbourne, where I will be facilitating some fun learning around strategy, ethics and how to “Create a Values-Based Firm”.
I am looking forward to meeting these legends!
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