7 08, 2019

Words of advice from Jim about Books – The Strategy Book

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I am looking forward to the publication of The Strategy Book in the coming weeks. Business author, Jim Collins who wrote 'Good to Great', 'Built to Last' and 'How the Mighty Fall' kindly sent me a hand written note this month wishing me well with my book well and warning about the Fifth Stage of writing a book - "The Tyrant". That's Jim. He usually has five steps, stages or levels. And Jim is right again! After nine months of writing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Its probably the Tyrant coming the other way...  Yes more editing to do this week!

28 07, 2019

Keynote to AIEA


I am looking forward to sharing my Keynote Talk ‘Creating a Strategic Mindset’ with AIEA at 10am on 6 August at IML, Level 16, 40 Creek Street, Brisbane. Over the years, my various audiences have shared with me that the Executive time spent building outward facing, well tested, shared perspectives of the future varies. CEOs on average spend around 2.5% of their time doing this. Accountants spend around 1.2% of their time and Lawyers around 0.3%.  In my talk, I will be sharing my six-step Strategic Mindset Process along with exercises to help leaders future proof their business. I will also be providing a preview of my new book.

14 07, 2019

Keynote to IML Speakers’ Forum


I am looking forward to sharing my Keynote Talk ‘The Power of Interpersonal Influence’ with the Institute of Managers and Leaders Speaker’s Forum in the coming weeks. It is an honor and a challenge to be invited to speak to a group of speakers. They are often a tough crowd! In my talk, I will be sharing the secrets of interpersonal influence and how to build rapport quickly; master non-verbal communication cues and maximize results using the art of questions.