Invited to speak at Global Speakers Summit 2020

I am excited to have been invited to deliver my talk on “Sharing the Stage” at the 2020 Global Speakers Summit this February in Africa. As a speaker, bringing audience members up on stage with you is an art. It requires a high degree of presence and skill, which may be why many speakers never attempt it.

In 2002, I remember being invited along with four other men from a live audience of three-thousand people up on to a stage with Tony Robbins. Things went really well on stage with all six men. Great learnings were had by all present. When it came time to exit the stage, four men exited. However, one man refused to leave. After nearly twenty minutes of skilful NLP work and no help from security, Tony was able to help the last man leave the stage, without loosing face. At GSS 2020, I will be sharing the best ways to share the stage, and how to best manage the unexpected!

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Standup Comedy Performance

Standup Comedy Performances tonight were a total scream.

So much fun just speaking for laughs instead for a living… “Good Evening… I’m John Hale, it’s nice to have so many of you along tonight…. Last night my wife asked me what was on the telly? Dust, I said!”

My opening pitch got the laughs I needed to keep rolling and smash it! hashtag#johnhalespeaker hashtag#comedy hashtag#sitdowncomedyclub

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Old Hat for Professional Speakers Association

I have been invited to MC this month’s Professional Speakers Association Dinner at the Riverview Hotel. October’s amazing lineup of speakers include the fabulous Troy Love, Zara Love, Tim Longhurst and Shivani Gupta.

Stepping into MC shoes feels like putting on an Old Hat, and one I have not worn for some time. I performed the role of MC many times in my twenties, but much less in my recent decades as a professional speaker. 

Will my old hat be too small or too loose, too tight or too light? Perhaps too red, dotty, blue or spotty, or too holey, patchy, feathery or scratchy? Crooked, straight, pointed but Wait … My Old Hat feels just right …  Just right?  Just right!

Inspiration from Old Hat New Hat by Stan and Jan Berenstain

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