12 09, 2019

Memory Lane – Sic Itur Ad Astra


It was such a treat to go back to school this week. The Geelong College, my alma mater, invited me to speak to one hundred and fifty graduating students this week on human potential, the world of work, and finding the ideal career. The students were well informed. They had questions around cognition, AI, and how they should be approaching the next decade of their lives.  I shared that our twenties are a great time to work on exploring and then building solid foundations. We agreed that foundations for life, career and a primary partner relationship were essential, but as some of the girls pointed out, not necessarily in that order!

7 08, 2019

Words of advice from Jim about Books – The Strategy Book

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I am looking forward to the publication of The Strategy Book in the coming weeks. Business author, Jim Collins who wrote 'Good to Great', 'Built to Last' and 'How the Mighty Fall' kindly sent me a hand written note this month wishing me well with my book well and warning about the Fifth Stage of writing a book - "The Tyrant". That's Jim. He usually has five steps, stages or levels. And Jim is right again! After nine months of writing, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Its probably the Tyrant coming the other way...  Yes more editing to do this week!