Boards exist to maximise value.

When board members have blurred, fuzzy or unclear roles, they destroy value.


Role ambiguity in the Boardroom can ignite the Fateful Eight… 

  Board self-importance causes uncertain linkages with owners or shareholders.
  Board mind-guards cause riskier decision making, including risky CEO appointments.
  Board self-censorship means policies may not be adequately constructed or communicated.
  Board invulnerability creates a reluctance to vigilantly measure outcomes.
  Board interference includes delving into operational issues and micro-managing the CEO.
  Board ownership is reduced by having too weak a Chairperson and too strong a CEO.
  Board members who do not understand key financial ratios cannot perform their role.
  Boards with low trust, fear conflict. This limits commitment, policy and results monitoring.

At HCG, we know governance and policy can be complex.

We empower your Directors to avoid the common traps and dysfunctions Boards encounter.


A Board Education Day

In a single day, your Board can strengthen its functionality and renew its success using six powerful workshop experiences:

Maximise trust between members using team-based and personality awareness exercises.
Create greater shared value by learning The Art of Fierce Conversations.
Clarify roles, governance responsibilties and policies via ASIC updates and renewed commitments.
Set superior performance standards using SMARTER Policy writing methods.
 Practice calculating key financial ratios.
Learn the Five Signs of a Functional Board and come up with better strategies for Coaching the CEO.


“The Board identified the need to bring new and current Board Members up to date with the responsibilities of being a Director. The Board Governance Training Day that John Hale from HCG facilitated for us was well received by new and experienced Directors alike. John’s knowledge, professional experience and entertaining style kept the group engaged and made for a highly effective day.”

Paul Welch, Company Secretary, Sunshine Sugar

Maximise value and govern better.  Create a Board Education Day.


 In future your Board could…

〉 Engage in fierce conversations that maintain commitment, clarity, accountability and performance.
〉 Actively avoid the Fateful Eight and routinely make great decisions.
〉 Take time away from the Boardroom to maximise teamwork and ensure even greater success.

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