On my recent stopover in Paris, I visited two giant buildings; The Notre Dame and the Pantheon, built in the middle ages and the eighteenth century respectively. The Notre Dame was designed to be a thing of pure beauty. The Pantheon embodied beauty also, yet it has two other architectural elements, as part of its neoclassical style. In the Pantheon, the three Vitruvian elements of beauty, stability and utility are in balance, enabling it to serve as a church three times, twice as a meeting house for the great intellectuals of France and twice as a mausoleum. 

My Paris apartment along the Rue Soufflot was adjacent to The Pantheon, so I passed it each day. I made two visits to the Notre Dame, just days before the massive fire, which ripped through the least stable sections of the glass roof and spire. Some days I made sketches. Upon reviewing my sketches back in Australia, I sense building design provides a nice metaphor for business success. Globally 95% of businesses fail within 10 years. The 5% that survive and thrive have a balance of beauty (appealing product/service), stability (good economic management) and utility (value-driven future focus). 

Good looking social media and an appealing product are only part of the story. To avoid having a business go up in flames, stability and utility must also be embraced.