John Hale

About John Hale

John Hale speaks at conferences, advises on strategy and runs development programs for leaders. He is the founder of Hale Consulting Group, co-founder of Leadership Intelligence Academy and a Visiting EMBA Professor. He has taught at Singapore Management University, Melbourne Business School and Bond University. He has spoken at the Global Speakers Forum, as a representative of the Professional Speakers Association. His leadership and director roles within multi-national technology companies and elite sporting programs allow him to shed new light on strategic conversations around digital transformation and human performance. From this space, he inspires people to think differently and share ideas. His keynote messages include potent models and metaphors along with narratives woven together from a diverse range of sources. Many say his presentations are uplifting, memorable and often redefine the future agenda for an industry or business culture. Most importantly, John is a devoted parent. He has four children, which he moved from inner-city Melbourne as toddlers and infants to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood on the sun-kissed North Coast of NSW. More recently he has moved with them to Brisbane for secondary and university education.
14 07, 2019

Keynote to IML Speakers’ Forum


I am looking forward to sharing my Keynote Talk ‘The Power of Interpersonal Influence’ with the Institute of Managers and Leaders Speaker’s Forum in the coming weeks. It is an honor and a challenge to be invited to speak to a group of speakers. They are often a tough crowd! In my talk, I will be sharing the secrets of interpersonal influence and how to build rapport quickly; master non-verbal communication cues and maximize results using the art of questions. 

4 07, 2019

Keynote to AFILE


I am looking forward to sharing my Keynote Talk ‘Creating a Strategic Mindset’ with the Queensland AFILE (Accountants, Finance Professionals, Insurance Brokers, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs) Network at the Henderson Gallery this week. Over the years, my various audiences have shared with me that the Executive time spent building outward facing, well tested, shared perspectives of the future varies. CEOs on average spend around 2.5% of their time doing this. Accountants spend around 1.2% of their time and Lawyers around 0.3%.  In my talk, I will be sharing my six-step Strategic Mindset Process along with exercises to help my audience future proof their business.