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John Hale speaks at conferences, advises on strategy and runs development programs for leaders. He is the founder of Hale Consulting Group, co-founder of Leadership Intelligence Academy and a Visiting EMBA Professor. He has taught at Singapore Management University, Melbourne Business School and Bond University. He has spoken at the Global Speakers Forum, as a representative of the Professional Speakers Association. His leadership and director roles within multi-national technology companies and elite sporting programs allow him to shed new light on strategic conversations around digital transformation and human performance. From this space, he inspires people to think differently and share ideas. His keynote messages include potent models and metaphors along with narratives woven together from a diverse range of sources. Many say his presentations are uplifting, memorable and often redefine the future agenda for an industry or business culture. Most importantly, John is a devoted parent. He has four children, which he moved from inner-city Melbourne as toddlers and infants to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood on the sun-kissed North Coast of NSW. More recently he has moved with them to Brisbane for secondary and university education.
5 12, 2018

Favourable Conditions

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Success is often the result of preparation, experimentation and favourable conditions. Preparation and practice produce results. Experimentation takes courage so that we can fail and learn as we go. However, those who enjoy highly favourable conditions attain greater success more frequently. At the age of 23, my heavyweight rowing team won a national title. At that time I had been rowing for 10 years, trained in excess of 50,000 km on water and taken over 6 million strokes. If we prepare and practice, success is the result.  At the age of 37, I began experimenting with different forms of meditation and spiritual practice to reach enlightenment. I experimented with techniques from Sufism, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen, Tantra and many others. My sincere search and experimentation resulted in the loss of my marriage and for a time all worldly possessions. My journey took courage in the face of judgments and opinions from others around me. I failed time and time again. Eventually, I learnt that looking for enlightenment did not work. One day, in an innocent moment, my world as I knew it finally ended. Seeking was over. The one that had been seeking became aware of itself as everything.  Today I [...]

26 11, 2018

Creative Devils  

2018-11-26T23:22:03+00:00By |Strategy|

In business, conflict is needed. In business, creativity is needed. In business, often the real devil is consensus, which destroys creativity. Where a conflict is avoided at any cost, then real creativity is lost. Here is an analogy I love. In my experience, the iridescent pearl is one of mother nature’s most beautiful creations. A pearl’s unique beauty is born out of a continuous and prolonged conflict. A pearl comes into being when an irritant, usually a tiny parasite, works its way inside an oyster shell. Under conflict, layer upon layer of a slimy ‘nacre’ coating is laid over the irritant. Month upon month and year upon year, this conflicted space, between opposing worlds, eventually creates an object of beauty.  As a conference speaker one of my goals, early in my speech, is to ask one or more questions of the audience that divides the room. I create two opposing views in people’s minds. To do this, I ask for a show of hands about a yet to be resolved or perhaps contentious issue in the client’s industry or environment. e.g. “Should most of the Lawyers in your firm be replaced with machine learning and artificial intelligence?” or “Should the use [...]

19 11, 2018

Volatility is here to kill your business  

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Today, every business is having to deal with increasing levels of volatility. One hundred years ago, one only needed to lease a shop front, collect fresh produce from local farmers and sell for a profit to have a successful business. There was little change a foot and an owner did not need a business degree or much of a strategy. Over time, food resellers became savvier. In the late 1940s, Richard and Maurice McDonald created the ‘Speedee Service System’ of burger production, that delivered ‘just in time’ meals and set new standards for fast food. ‘Speedee’ was a good strategy. However, for Richard and Maurice, the decision to take on franchise businessman, Ray Kroc, as a business partner, was a bad strategy. Ray’s aggressive nature allowed him to take over the business and drive the McDonald brothers out of the industry. Today, Uber Eats will drive your dinner to you. More people are opting for even better food choices that are faster and cheaper. Uber has a good strategy. Uber Eats is rapidly removing the inconvenience of having to drive, park and wait for a table at a popular city restaurant. Volatility is a term used to describe a process [...]