23 07, 2018

The Rules of the Game with John Hale

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I have been invited to speak to Expressway at the Microsoft Innovation Centre again this week, to a passionate group of beginning and serial entrepreneurs. My talk is entitled Rules of the Game. I will share universal principles that act on all businesses and the new rules of the game, that have evolved in the era of digital disruption.  As little as 26,000 years ago our distant cousins, the Neanderthals died out as a result of evolutionary change and competition. Today the same forces are at work in business. Many businesses that have existed for over a century, will become extinct due to digital disruption and hyper-competition. My talk will focus on the idea of value creation in the face of changes in the traditional industry value chain.   

5 07, 2018

Strategy Tip – Learn Aikido for the times when we snap. 

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The events in the Philippines this week took me back in time. At 22 years of age, I was playing Victorian Country Basketball for Geelong against a neighboring Ballarat Team. In the first quarter of the game, as I was running down the court after a series of fast breaks, a player from the other team lined me up and kneed me in my mid-thigh. I played on in pain and managed to run the corked feeling out of my thigh by the first break. Then to my amazement, in the second quarter, the same player lined me up coming down the other side of the court, ready to place his hand on my shoulder and knee me in my other thigh or groin. My awareness and my anger heightened quickly in the final moments before the second impact. At the last second, I placed my left hand on his rising knee to stop it, and as my left hand came back and his knee dropped, I made a fist with my right and buried it hard into his diaphragm, winding him so badly, that he had to leave the basketball court for rest of the quarter. I have played [...]

18 06, 2018

Speaking to Brisbane Southside this Wednesday

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Every successful business needs three basic instincts… - A self-presentation instinct - which asks how am I? - An adaptation instinct - which asks where am I? - A connection instinct - which asks who I am with? Our potential as human beings is to have equal access to all three instincts from birth, but alas this is not what happens. In early infancy, one instinct starts to dominate. The challenge we face is that each business owner continues to favour one of these three basic instincts. Furthermore, owners drive the strongest aspect of their personality through this dominant instinct, often in an unconscious way, which eventually unhinges business effectiveness. Knowing our dominant instinct allows us to create new space for the other two instincts and helps us reduce myopic vision, raise business health and embrace the diversity necessary for successful and sustainable performance. Join John Hale, Global Conference Speaker and Strategy Expert for an entertaining interactive conversation. John will help you master your understanding of both your dominant instinctual type and the impact your personality style maybe having in the workplace. You will learn: Why Proto-analysis offers us a pathway to conscious business development. Which Basic Instinct biases your [...]