18 02, 2019

Keynote to AHRI and intelliHR

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I am looking forward to sharing my highly interactive keynote ‘When Worlds Collide.’ with the Australian Human Resource Institute and intelliHR in Brisbane this Wednesday. I will be sharing that to successfully work with the 'elephants in the room', leaders need to approach issues, conflicts and dilemmas with an understanding of the underlying value sets of those involved. Our potential as human beings can be realized by better understanding our own values and those of others. In fact, without doing so, we limit the source of new ideas and lower our organization's creativity.  Registrations are open on the AHRI website or contact cpdevents@ahri.com.au. Feel free to invite colleagues from your organization to inspire conversation across all functional areas, and by doing so, promote more productive, inclusive and diverse workplaces. Price: AHRI Members – Free / Non-members – $20.00 For further details contact: Andrea O'Halloran – 0439 077 630 Convenor AHRI QLD Diversity & Inclusion Network

11 02, 2019

Rhythms – Can you feel them?

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When business leaders slow down and sense where they are, they can decide whether to advance, stay put or withdraw. If a business regularly senses how favorable and attractive conditions are becoming, decisions about future strategy and actions are much easier and usually more accurate. Encyclopedia Britannica is a classic example of a legacy business that lost touch with its marketplace. A thirty-two-volume set sold for $1500, at a time when rivals were selling the same information on CD-ROM for $200. Today Wikipedia offers one-hundred times more information for free. There is a rhythm a business needs to have to survive and thrive. This is a regular pattern of sensing the changing conditions that our business needs to act upon.  Yesterday, Ari, a 16-year-old friend of my son, asked if he could drive us, as he was learning. I said yes and Ari put his learner plates on the car. Ari was a confident driver and kept a safe distance from the traffic in front and beside us. I complemented Ari on his safe driving and he seemed pleased. After driving for a while on a long stretch of road, I asked Ari to tell me without looking in his [...]

4 02, 2019

Keynote to IPA Victoria Congress

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I am looking forward to sharing my keynote ‘Doing leadership differently: How to best lead your future practice.’ with the Institute of Public Accountants' Victoria Congress this month at Phillip Island. I will be sharing that to keep growing successfully and sustainably, every practice needs to do leadership differently. We will look at the dominant instincts that shape leaders and hear about Plato’s three drivers of the human soul. We will develop a sense of the stages of growth for accounting practices and identify the blend of leadership traits and virtues needed at each stage, along with the levels of self-awareness needed for doing leadership differently. For Accountants who are on the Lookout for the Pinnacles of Leadership, the Institute of Public Accountants' Victoria Congress this month at Phillip Island, on 28 Feb - 1 Mar has it all. This year's congress has a wonderful line-up of speakers and activities, so please check out the IPA website below and join me. Early bird pricing must end this Friday 8 Feb. Info and bookings (early bird ends 8 Feb) at https://www.publicaccountants.org.au/viccongress2019 and sarah.cooke@publicaccountants.org.au or 03 8665 3153.