Join HCG’s John Hale at the Tweed Chamber of Commerce in Tweed Heads on Tuesday 13 February from 6.45AM – 8.30AM for an informative breakfast conversation on Growing Digital Wings.

If you own or manage a business, realising the impact of digital technology is important.   
John will share the:
  • Six stages of business growth.
  • Key success factors and leadership traits needed at each stage of growth.
  • Digital elements of reach, richness, response, range and removal. 
  • Most important digital elements at each stage of business growth.
  • Digital elements your business should be focussed on right now.
This is the fifth year John has been booked to speak to the progressive, dynamic and exhilarating Tweed Chamber, having previously delivered popular talks like, ‘Ice Cream Vans on the Beach’, ‘Breaking Glass’, ‘Looking for your Sweet Spot’ and ‘Basic Instinct’. 

To register please call Peter Sibilant on 0404 058 676.