We tend to become like people we spend time with.

Spending time with people who live in complaint can drag you down. Avoid people who don’t look in the mirror for answers, but rather look out the window for the cause of their problems.

Einstein once said, ‘Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.’

The purpose of your life should be to solve some of the world’s problems and leave this planet a little better than you found it.  If you could choose six positive responsible people to be in your life this year, to uphold you and support your business and purpose, who would you choose?

Would you choose family members?

A new employee or two?

Fellow professionals?

Do you have any clue?

Would it be a new coach or advisor?

Would it be a new partner!

Maybe you would choose to look up some old friends and colleagues?

Failing to choose is a choice to fail.

If 2017 was another year of quiet desperation for you with little progress, maybe 2018 is the year to choose the company you keep?