We deliver inspirational talks on strategy and leadership


Adept organizations engage HCG to inspire leadership and motivate, shape and deliver superior customer value. Our talks and workshops address the question, “What are going to be your future unfair advantages?

We will facilitate an event or talk specific to your industry to clarify your future direction.

We will ensure your leaders draw up a set of guiding policies
that demand a valid, accurate and regular diagnosis.
Together we will assesses your strategy for prevailing industry conditions
and articulate how you will win.


‘Looking for your Sweet Spot’ – Can you say what your strategy is?
‘Growing your Digital Wings’ – Digital strategy secrets.
‘Ice Cream Vans on the Beach’ – Marketing strategy secrets.
‘Culture Eats Strategy’ – Create a unique strategic culture.
‘Riding the Wave’ – The five stages of business growth.
‘Value Driven Strategies’ – People, position and performance.

‘Basic Instinct’ – A leadership conversation that matters.
‘Doing Leadership Differently’ – Value sets for global leaders.
‘The Heart of Leadership’ – Character, collaboration and courage.
‘World Class Leadership’ – Build and lead a world-class team.
‘Fierce Conversations’ – Board governance education.
‘Sales Leadership’ – Prospects, partnerships and promises.


Bookings for HCG’s John Hale can be made through:

Great Expectation Brisbane – call Marg 1300 55 64 69.
Ovations Sydney – call Jane +61 2 9818 6622.
Platinum Speakers Melbourne – call Jason 1300 314 788.
Talent on Line New Zealand – call Sam +64 9 636 1469.
Aussie Speakers Bureau Perth – call Patrick 1800 787 236.
Character Builders Southport – call Damon 1300 205 101.