We deliver conference talks on strategy and leadership.


Adept organizations engage HCG to inspire leadership and motivate, shape and deliver superior customer value.
Our talks and workshops address the question, “What are going to be your future unfair advantages?”

We will facilitate an event or talk specific to your industry to clarify your future direction.

“I invited HCG’s John Hale to be the keynote presenter for our company development day. John helped us become more aware and cooperative as a team. He has given the entire organization and myself a great platform from which to drive the changes necessary for our future growth and success.”

Brett McLaren, Chief Executive Officer, OEM Dynamics


‘Your Sweet Spot’ – Can you say what your strategy is?
‘Growing Digital Wings’ – Digital strategy secrets.
‘Black Swans, Inverse Turkeys’ – Predicting unlikely futures.
‘Strategic Rebounding’ – Fives steps to instant recovery.
‘Ice Cream Vans on the Beach’ – Marketing strategy secrets.
‘Culture Eats Strategy’ – Create an aligned strategic culture.
‘Riding the Wave’ – The five stages of business growth.

‘Nine Faces of the Soul’ – Enneagram wisdom for C-Suite teams.
‘Fierce Conversations’ – Board governance education.
‘Basic Instinct’ – A leadership conversation that matters.
‘Bulletproof People’ – Build emotionally competent forward facing teams.
‘Doing Leadership Differently’ – Value sets for global leaders.
‘Stop being Stupid’ – Five paradoxes and secrets about people.
‘Sales Leadership’ – Prospects, partnerships and promises.


Bookings for HCG’s John Hale can be made via our office:

Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm or 2pm and 6pm