About John Hale

John Hale has built his career advising leaders. As a strategic advisor and university professor teaching MBA students, he has a unique perspective on strategy development.

John is the founding partner of Hale Consulting Group, a boutique firm specialising in strategy and leadership development. HCG partners with corporate groups to clarify their strategic future, drive value and enhance profitability.

John is an author and a dynamic platform speaker. He has been a facilitator and presenter at hundreds of conferences and events. His client list includes corporations such Royal Dutch Shell, Westpac, TP Health and Telstra. John has also taught at Bond University, Melbourne Business School and Singapore Management University.

Most importantly, John is a devoted parent. He has four children, which he moved from inner-city Melbourne as toddlers and infants to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood on the sun kissed North Coast of NSW before returning with them to the big smoke.

Front Foot with John Hale

Most businesses are flat footed and most flat footed business fail. A secret to business success is keeping your weight on your front foot. In the last 90 days, did your business do one or more of the following: React opportunistically to an emerging market or niche? Build on what you already do, to capture a greater market share or increase your profitability? Offer something new to the market? If [...]

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Proximal Strategies Motivate with John Hale

I recently observed a government organisation setup a project to create a 20 year strategic plan. The question I asked was, "Is a 20 year timeframe proximal enough?" For most businesses a one to three year horizon for strategy makes sense and when organisations ask us at HCG about the longer term, we offer them scenario planning, where a series of possible stories about the future are created and added to the [...]

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Do the simple things well with John Hale

If you really observe, 10% of your business activity generates 30% of the costs and 70% of the problems. In fact, that 10% of activity and the effort it requires, often offers no improvement to your results and invariably comes with extra problems and costs. All business models are subject to a problem called The Law of Diminishing Returns. This means that beyond a known point, doing more of something [...]

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Speed versus Intellect with John Hale

Intellectual Property (IP) is often a waste of valuable time and resources. The choice to get your IP locked in before developing your product or service makes no sense if reducing your ‘time to market’ is the other alternative, especially in industries with rapid technology changes. Sometimes it's best to clip on your skis, change gears and get going. The best products and services available to humanity are the result of [...]

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Proximity and Polarity with John Hale

You become like those things around you... What is the Law of Proximity? You become like those things around you. Love breeds love. Contempt breeds contempt. Greed breeds greed. Women in close proximity cycle together. etc. In business, like-minded people tend to attract like-minded people and people working in close proximity become more similar than different. That's proximity at work! What is the Law of Polarity? Opposite poles are complementary [...]

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Open Ended Options with John Hale

The most potent quadrant of the SWOT is the Opportunities quadrant.  Yet the word Options is even more potent.  At HCG we help our clients think about Strengths, Weaknesses, OPTIONS and Threats. An over-reliance on traditional production planning in some corporations and businesses make them ‘option blind’.  In time, they become less relevant and less opportunistic. When businesses pay their employees to tinker and incur small financial losses in the [...]

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Timing is Critical with John Hale

We now know the microbes in your gut communicate with your brain via your vagus nerve, adding new weight to the old adage “you are what you eat.” Science has demonstrated the link between the gut and behavior and the gut and mental health and the gut and wellbeing. In your business, timing is often critical. The same is true of your eating. Science has revealed that when we eat [...]

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Leaders Empower Leaders with John Hale

Successful leaders know that leadership is not about their own success or image or about getting loyal subordinates to follow them or others to submit to them. Successful leaders humbly understand the key to a successful organization is having empowered leaders at all levels, whether those employees have supervisors or not. Successful leaders inspire employees to step up, take on greater challenges and lead. They align employee activities with a [...]

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